Bad Customers & Bad Customer Service Should NOT be Tolerated

Bad Customers & Bad Customer Service Should NOT be Tolerated

By: Customers Poet

Originated: April 30, 2016

This week there were no shortages when it came to bad customers and poor customer service.

The week started with off Kid Rock’s emotionally driven wail at an incompetent 911 call operator. According to the recording, the operator continuously asked Kid Rock for facts regarding the emergency call, instead of rapidly sending an ambulance. Such actions drove Kid Rock into an emotional, verbal dispute forcing him to pass the phone to a friend who could get better results. Sadly, his beloved assistant died from the impact of his injuries on Kid Rock’s property.

Another story regarding the LGBT community and poor customer service came from New Orleans this week. A lesbian woman claimed a Family Dollar employee refused to offer her service because she was gay. The woman recorded video footage of the dispute which occurred between her and the rep. Yet, according to the rep, the woman was argumentative with her from the start and only recorded part of the argument. Is this a case of a bad customer or bad customer service?

However, there was one story that took the cake.

At a Peoria, Arizona Del Taco franchise a manager was caught on film sharing some choice words with customers. According to the customers, they did not receive their complete order nor did they receive sauce with their food. When they inquired about it, the manager (bothered by the thought of providing proper customer service) went into a verbal altercation with the customers.

During the recorded argument the manager stated “Where are you going to post it? You Tube? No one is going to f–king see it.” “I am the boss. My dad is actually a f–king owner, so good luck with that.” He then went into deals as to why he hates customers. We’re sure he is eating those very same words as the video has gone viral and he was fired.

This week’s stories involved bad customers and bad customer service. Secret Eyes wants to know:

When will companies learn that customers are fed up with poor customer service and incompetent customer service reps?

When will customers learn to treat customer service workers with respect as human beings?

It’s time for a change.

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Kid Rock
Family Dollar
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