7 Virtues of Customer Service Difference Makers

The 7 Virtues of Customer Service Difference Makers

By: Customers Poet

Originated: June 4, 2016

In celebration of our 2016 International Millennial Customer Service Week Conference in Atlanta, Secret Eyes Everywhere wanted to share the 7 virtues which define a Customer Service Difference Maker. The person that every company should have but few can’t afford to keep.


When it comes to customer service, Chastity is viewed as one’s thoughts being pure and honest. Customer Service Difference Makers are known for not having preconceived thoughts towards any customer. They don’t assume first, then ask questions later. Rather asks clear, concise questions first in order to better understand their customer’s needs.


In the customer service world, temperance is a hit or miss on part of employees and customers alike. Temperance, one’s ability to have self-control, is what a Customer Service Difference Maker embodies. They understand how to diffuse angry customers without giving in to a verbal battle or worse a physical altercation.


Charity, essentially meaning love, is one of the most under-used and important virtues of them all. In today’s society when so many people are hunting for love, the one place they should always feel it is at a business. Especially if a company wants to keep its doors open. For Customer Service Difference Makers, showing love is what they do. It’s a part of their being.


Everyone has bad days but some know how to turn lemons into lemonade. For Customer Service Difference Makers diligence is how they get through a day’s shift with grace.


Dealing with the public on a daily basis can slowly shred anyone’s level of patience. For Customer Service Difference Makers, this is what sets them apart from the rest. It’s their ability to help customers until they fully understand everything without getting angry at them.


In partnership with charity, kindness comes natural to a Customer Service Difference Maker. It’s their ability to break the ice with customers in order to satisfy their needs. It’s the small things they do to make a positive difference in lives of customers they come across which keeps them coming back.


Most Customer Service Difference Makers are humble in spirit and have the ability to relate to many. For them being humble is not embarrassing but natural.
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