Switching Companies? Do this one thing 1st.

Switching Companies Do this one thing 1stBy: Customers Poet

Originated: March 19, 2016

Negative customer service experiences make switching  companies a no brainer. but not considering this 1st.

Here at Secret Eyes Everywhere we witness the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly when it comes to customer service. For customers whom had a negative customer service experience, switching to a company’s competitor is a no brainer. Yet, Secret Eyes pleads angry customers everywhere to consider these important facts before making the move.

Due Diligence, Due Diligence, Due Diligence

We can’t say this enough. Anger is a powerful emotion which can take control of your logical mind and cause you to make irrational, emotional decisions. We hear stories all the time of how a customer was livid with one company and they switched to another company only to be even more disappointed. Don’t become that person.

When it comes to the world of business, always do your due diligence. The 1st time a company does something that challenges your customer service experience and does nothing to amend the issue, start researching other companies that will appreciate your business. This gives you the leverage to negotiate with your current company or the ability to smoothly switch with no remorse.

To get started

Research the company’s customer service reviews.

Always insure the reviews are up to date. Filter through the fabricated reviews to get to the real ones as some may be from irate customers looking to run a company’s name into the mud. Ask people you know about their experiences with the company in question.

Research a company’s customer service complaints with the Better Business Bureau or similar government organization in your country.

Many governmental agencies are an excellent resource for learning about a company’s business practices, the number of current and resolved customer complaints, and more.

Call to get exact quotes.

If you’re sure you will switch companies, call ahead to get exact quotes including all additional fees. The last thing you want is to switch and be surprised by a higher bill than quoted.

Being equip with this nugget of knowledge not only gives you, the customer, the leverage to negotiate with companies but the ability to find a company that will genuinely appreciate your business.


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