The Customer Service 411: Super Bowl 50 Edition

The Customer Service 411 Super Bowl 50 Edition

By: Customers Poet

Originated: February 8, 2016

You spoke and Secret Eyes heard. Here are the Best & Worst companies of the Super Bowl 50.

It’s Super Bowl 50!!!

And no one is more excited than Secret Eyes Everywhere to share the low down on the WORST and BEST in customer service – Super Bowl Edition.

When it comes to the big game, there are 4 must haves on everyone’s list for a great Super Bowl Party: cable TV, great food, cold drinks, and the fam. Yet, there were a few companies that fell short at producing the first two.

Based on the number of customer complaints, the absolute WORST in customer service during the Super Bowl 50 game day is (drums please) Time Warner Cable. Aside from being the worst, TWC was considered the “Joke” of the night as many customers complained their cable services DID NOT work. Resulting in them being unable to watch the game. Yet, the cable retailer spent millions of useless dollars to prove that customer service is a priority to them. How Ironic!

Tying with Time Warner as the Worst is Comcast. For the same reason as TWC, many Comcast customers were left with a distorted screen as the Super Bowl continued to go on with them.

Considering that people are serious about their pizza on game day, the 2nd Worst of the Super Bowl 50 game day goes to Papa Johns Pizza. On the busiest day in the pizza delivery industry many complained that the pizza making giant 1) did not delivery their order and/or their order was incorrect and 2) they could not place an order due to the website being down and the phones being busy.

Switching gears to a more positive note, the company that got football fans to laugh their butts off and is consider the Best goes to T Mobile. Fans everywhere had something to say about Drake’s T-Mobile version “Restricted Bling” (poking fun at its competitor’s extreme cellular contract plans) and Steve Harvey’s “Ballogize” commercial as the comedic superstar made fun of himself following the Miss Universe debacle. Like Steve Harvey, it appears T Mobile does not mind admitting its wrongs or a good laugh. Other companies should definitely take note!


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