Irrational Customers: Are you one?

Irrational Customers Are you one

By: Customers Poet

Originated: February 13, 2016

Do onto others as you wish to be done onto you. Such fine words of wisdom many people ignore. Do you?

Every person at least once in their lives have heard these wise words: Do onto others as you wish to be done onto you. Yet, nowadays many lack the sheer patience, grace, and mercy to make such a statement their reality. Is this due to the self-fulfilling modern culture we live in or is this the root of a more serious sub conscience issue?

Think about it. When was the last time you had an issue occur which required seeking customer service?

How did you react to the 1st person of contact? Were you instantly angry and taking all of your frustrations out on them?

In a time of crisis or extreme emotion, rational does take a back seat to rage. However, forgetting that the person on the opposite end is not a human, is not right either. As humans we all seek the same things from others: praise, love, and acceptance.

So the next time you have to contact customer service about an issue on behalf of the company, consider being more rational about the situation as it will lead to a better outcome for everyone.


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